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Student Work Archive

Bears Ears National Monument 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2021 Jason Payne
Comprehensive Design Studio 415 Comprehensive Design Studio, 2021 Mohamed Sharif, Narineh Mirzaeian, Kevin Daly, Ismael Soto
Building Design Studio 412 Building Design Studio, 2021 Julia Koerner, Garrett Ricciardi
Narrative and Further Discussion 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2021 Ben Refuerzo
Urban Hack(ing) 289 Technology Seminar, 2021 Benjamin Ennemoser
Palimpsest Worlds 289 Technology Seminar, 2021
Adapting to the Next Normal 289 Technology Seminar, 2021 Yara Feghali
The Family Portrait: Drama is the Diagram 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Jimenez Lai
Prefab Urban Cohousing 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Kayeon Lee
Sin Nombre [Nameless]: The New National Museum of the American Latino 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Georgina Huljich
Introductory Design Studio 411 Introductory Design Studio, 2020 Julia Koerner, Benjamin Freyinger
Building Design with Landscape Studio 413 Building Design with Landscape Studio, 2020 Neil Denari, Mohamed Sharif, Narineh Mirzaeian, Garrett Ricciardi