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Student work from the advanced topics studio, Bears Ears National Monument
Tian Yuan Fan
Student Gallery M.Arch

Bears Ears National Monument

401 Advanced Topics Studio

The project, a remote artifact sensing facility, is a building design imagined as a binary object problem. The first object is a specific antiquity or group of related artifacts deep within a restored Bears Ears N.P. at risk of damage or loss through human contact, about which is designed a light infrastructure of remote sensing equipment (that may sometimes also support ongoing archaeological activity at that location.) The second object is a building or complex of buildings located at the outermost edge of Bears Ears (pre)historical boundaries that is designed to best facilitate the collection, processing, analysis, presentation, and projection of information collected from the sensitive sites in the interior. These buildings, then, are seen to comprise only half of the architecture of the project, the other half being mostly immaterial and invisible lines of communication across vast expanses of desert. Architecture’s magnetosphere one might say, suggesting a radical expansion of architecture’s reach.

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Jason Payne
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