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Summer Programs: JumpStart & TeenArch Studio

Our summer programs offer students a glimpse into life at one of the leading public universities in the world, and the opportunity to earn college credit.

Structured around the experience of a design studio typically offered within the curriculum of a college-level architecture program, students focus on developing and advancing their design skills through space, form-making, and related 2-D and 3-D representation techniques.

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Led by AUD Summer Programs Director Julia Koerner, both the JumpStart program and TeenArch Studio engage students in a wide range of activities, from intensive design exercises, individual feedback sessions, and small group discussions, to studio-wide presentations, and reviews. Students will be introduced to the conceptual and technical facilities essential to the study of architecture as a discipline and its practice as a profession. To supplement studio activities, weekly lectures from UCLA faculty and notable guest designers will explore the many facets of idea-driven design, as well as urban and design culture in Los Angeles.

Both programs culminate in final presentations of work to guest critics, offering students a chance to apply their skills and gain experience and poise with giving professional presentations. Students leave the programs with new design languages and insights, as well as a design portfolio they can use to apply to future design programs.

For Summer 2024, JumpStart will be offered in person, and TeenArch will be offered in both in-person and remote formats, with specific details below.

We are also happy to note the return of the Summer Lecture Series; the 2023 Summer Lecture Series offered an array of design voices and perspectives for both Summer Program participants and interested members of the general public.

“What I enjoyed most about the program was the lectures, the time spent every day focusing on our designs, the feedback, and the tremendous help I received from all the instructors. I learned a great deal of things and it has changed my perspective on design and things in general in life. I am already seeing the positive changes this program has given me, and hope that it does not end here!” (Armando Ortiz, Jumpstart 2023 Student)


Summer 2024: June 24 - July 19

JumpStart is a 3.5-week summer studio for individuals contemplating careers in architecture, design, and related fields. The program is open to students from all backgrounds and carries six quarters of University of California credit. To participate in JumpStart, students must hold a high school diploma (or equivalent).

This year’s program will be delivered in person. Students will be assigned to an instructor for a studio on campus, and will attend Technical Seminars, Theory Seminars, as well as group-work sessions in person.

Software and fabrication-tool tutorials will be provided each week as relevant to assignments within the Technical Seminars.

Over the course of the program, students will learn to:

The JumpStart schedule allows for concurrent enrollment in ARCH&UD 10B: History of Architecture and Urban Design-Baroque to Contemporary Moments (5 units).

Studio, workshops, and seminars are offered between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm PST on Mondays and between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm PST on Tuesdays through Fridays. Lunchtime usually takes place at 1:00 -2:00 pm in Perloff Hall Decafe. There will be a Field Trip in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 27th.

Lunchtime lectures, workshops, and seminars are offered between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm PST. Lunchtime lectures will be recorded and offered asynchronously for those in different time zones.

If you are enrolled in JumpStart and are 17 years of age or older at the time of residence, you may apply for housing through the UCLA Housing application which opens in mid-May.

JumpStart Student Testimonials

"JumpStart was a challenging and immersive introduction to the study of architecture and the UCLA AUD program. Over four weeks, I built new skills faster than I’ve ever experienced. The things I love about the program most are the camaraderie amongst the students and instructors, the amount of resources we were given, and the range of skills we learned in such a short time. I’m so grateful for how welcoming and knowledgeable the instructors are!" (Audrey Willey, 2022)

“As a complete beginner in the field of architecture, I absolutely loved my experience with JumpStart. The amount of passion for architecture was contagious, and I think my attitude towards the subject has been incredibly enhanced by the enthusiasm of the program's amazing staff.” (Ben Apsley, 2021)

“This program was incredibly inviting and welcoming of all types of students. I had tons of fun and learned so much in the short amount of time we spent with our instructors and TAs. Most importantly, I made great connections!” (Jasmin Logrono, 2021)


“Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.” – Le Corbusier

The Monsanto House of the Future, built in 1957 in Anaheim, California, is an ultra-modern, 20th-century prefabricated house. Over the ten years in which it was on display at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, more than 20 million visitors toured the house to explore and experience what was billed as the future of housing, a study on how plastic might be used to mass-produce housing at lower costs—"plastic, fantastic living." Students' welcome kits include a pre-lasercut model of the Monsanto House.

Students will explore and materialize formations and constituents of architectural thresholds and kit of parts in three phases, framed by analysis of the Monsanto House of the Future. Students will then multiply and situate those components within simple geometric arrays as a vehicle for further speculations on architectural space, form, order, and the inter-relationships among objects and fields. Concurrently, students will transform a zone within that array and rethink construction logics through idea-driven model-making.

In 2021, JumpStart participants studied the Eames House, another such forward-thinking, experimental approach to the design of dwelling. Built in 1949 in the Pacific Palisades, the Eames House is considered one of the most important post-war residences in the United States. (It is also entitled Case Study House No. 8.) Designed and constructed by Charles and Ray Eames, the house was built fast and economically, erected in two days using materials ordered from catalogues. Inspired by such an experimental approach, students worked to unfold new spatial and formal arrangements comprising reimagined parts that simulate creatively framed passages and transitions within the dwelling landscapes of today.

**Syllabus, schedule, fees, and registration info are available at summer.ucla.edu/institutes/JumpStart.

Questions? Email us at summer@aud.ucla.edu.

TeenArch Studio

Summer 2024: July 1 - July 19
In-person and remote options

TeenArch Studio is a three-week architecture experience for high school students interested in exploring architectural and design thinking. The program carries three quarter units of University of California credit. TeenArch Studio is open to students who are 15 years of age or older by the first day of Summer Sessions 2024 (July 1, 2024), and enrolled in grades 9 through 12 during Spring 2024.

This year’s program will be delivered both in-person and online in a remote learning format, with program dates July 1 through July 19, 2024. For those who elect to complete TeenArch in person, housing check-in takes place on June 30, and check out on July 20. There will be a Field Trip in Los Angeles on Friday, July 5, 2024.

Students who elect to complete the program in-person will be assigned to an instructor for a studio on campus, and will attend Technical Seminars as well as group-work sessions in-person. Students who elect to complete the program online will be assigned to a remote instructor and online studio space, and will attend Technical Seminars, Theory Seminars, as well as group-work sessions in-person.

UCLA also offers the Summer Scholars Support program, a need- and merit-based scholarship opportunity for California high school students enrolled in grades 8th – 11th. This year, $100,000 is available to support selected high school students. About 30 to 40 partial or full scholarships will be awarded. Learn more via the program website.

TeenArch Testimonials

“This was the most fun I ever had for a summer program. I was able to actively engage in activities given throughout the program. I never realized how important the aspect of design was until I was in this program. I also made lifelong friends throughout the program and felt like I had a place to belong in. A truly great experience and something I would love to redo again if I had the option to!” (Maggie Nguyen, TeenArch 2023 Student)


It has been said that there is nothing more terrifying for a designer than a blank piece of paper – because it is the embodiment of limitless possibilities. From point to line to plane to volume - architecture takes shape - and it begins with a single sheet of paper. A single point could become a line in infinitely many directions, branching then again in infinitely more directions.

But every design has a throughline – a way to describe from beginning to end the process taken to arrive at the final product.

In this summer's TeenArch Studio, students will begin by studying techniques with paper folding. They will understand how form and volume take shape through a series of deliberate operations.

Through diagrammatic drawing, physical model-making, and 3D modeling, students will learn how to generate codified systems in order to abstract inspiration and figuration from a seemingly abstract form to create order in the form of a simple enclosure.

Students will develop a pavilion dedicated to the courtyard plaza in front of AUD's Perloff Hall. They will use their origami models and architectural drawings to inform their design, taking into consideration feedback they have received over the course of the studio.

Syllabus, schedule, fees and registration info at summer.ucla.edu/institutes/TeenArchStudio.

Questions? Email us at summer@aud.ucla.edu.