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Student Work Archive

Four projects from "Tangled Home" 122 Studio II, 2023 Valeria Ospital
ART POMP 123 Studio III, 2023 Benjamin Freyinger
Digital Technology 143 Technology III, 2021
Common(s) Ground 123 Studio III, 2021 Mariana IbaƱez
The Exquisite Corpse Studio 121 Studio I, 2021 Jimenez Lai
Sarcophagus: Housing the Airstream 142 Technology II, 2021 Jason Payne
Divergent Conventions 122 Studio II, 2020 Kutan Ayata
New School! Three Expansions of Three Significant Learning Environments for a Brave New World 141 Technology I, 2020 Mohamed Sharif
Image Beyond Facts: An Architectural Survey and its Momentous Outcomes 143 Technology III, 2020 Georgina Huljich
Big Dumb Building 123 Design Studio, 2020 Ramiro Diaz-Granados
Track and Field 142 Technology II, 2020 Mohamed Sharif
Introduction to Architecture 121 Studio I, 2020 Jimenez Lai