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Student work from the undergrad studio, The Exquisite Corpse Studio
Alphabet Museum - Disco Turntable by Emalee Sault, Kiki Leung, Gavin Aleshire, and Senna Zhang
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The Exquisite Corpse Studio

121 Studio I

The Exquisite Corpse is a game often by a group of cohorts conversing through drawings and design, as exemplified by Andre Breton and company in the early 20th Century as a precursor to both the Dada movement as well as early Surrealism.

This is an introductory studio for students who are beginners to architecture. We will examine four basic lessons on architecture by tackling four self-contained but incremental assignments. Structures, programs, drawings and color/materiality will be the four areas of study. Despite the seemingly simple nature of these four assignments, we will use these lessons as launching points to dive slightly deeper into both the disciplinary history and the contemporary patterns of these four aspects of architecture.

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