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Student Work Archive

Comprehensive Design Studio 415 Comprehensive Design Studio, 2020 Mohamed Sharif, Narineh Mirzaeian, Garrett Ricciardi, Georgina Huljich
Building Design Studio 412 Building Design Studio, 2020 Katy Barkan, Jake Matatyaou, Jason Payne, Julia Koerner
Urban Adaptations: Climate Pilots 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Christina Tung, Helen Kongsgaard
Boxes, and How to Live in them with Other People 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Benjamin Freyinger
Introductory Design Studio 411 Introductory Design Studio, 2019 Jake Matatyaou, Jason Payne, Benjamin Freyinger, Julia Koerner
Building Design with Landscape Studio 413 Building Design with Landscape Studio, 2019 Neil Denari, Narineh Mirzaeian, Garrett Ricciardi, Yara Feghali
The Graphic Hair (a Remake, a Real/Fake): A Museum in SGV 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2019 Jimenez Lai
Fuzzy Aggregate: Speculations on New Forms of Mix-Use 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2019 Georgina Huljich
Deep Freeze: Chilling out in Terra Therma 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2019 Mohamed Sharif
Polytrophic Urbanism: Los Angeles Adapts 403 Research Studio, 2019 Neil Denari
A Disciplinary Guide to Currents: Water 403 Research Studio, 2019 Heather Roberge
Workhouse II 403 Research Studio, 2019 Hitoshi Abe