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Screenshot from student video showing a view of a model of a house from inside the bedroom looking out onto a pool.
Work by Anqi (Angie) Li, Juan Carlo Franco, Peng (John) Zhanq, and Yuhan Zhanq
Student Gallery M.S. AUD

The Image of #Architecture

289 Technology Seminar

“The Image of #Architecture,” is proposed as a step into the photogenic architectural movement by using specific media language, not only as a representation of a “new reality” or self-promotion but as a design mechanism in a contemporary architectural milieu overburdened by images. The course interrogates the relation between media and massage in a globalized world where the difference between reality and virtuality, symbol and object has become almost indifferent. Students have been filming hyper realistic models of versions of unbuilt case study houses redesigning them according to a specific media.

Related Faculty
David Jimenez Iniesta, Kevin Pazik
Related topics
Entertainment, Media
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