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Image of a woman holding a camera over a man seated in front of a desktop computer
INH by Negin Nayeri, Jourdon Miller, Morgan Jacobs, and Xavier Ramirez
Student Work M.S. AUD


289 Technology Seminar

Today we face realities so absurd that they seem utterly impossible, and fictions so elaborately concocted that they seem entirely plausible. This Technology Seminar looked into the condition of ‘Seamlessness’ – the hiding of the line between real and unreal – in today’s media cultures. Using Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and digital compositing to investigate the narrative techniques through which veracity is assembled, students produced speculative fictions that critiqued predictive algorithms, online conspiracies, social media artists, idealised product advertising and ‘fake’ tourism.

The Technology Seminar was integrated into the 2019-20 IDEAS Entertainment Studio: Stranger Than Fiction.

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