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Image of a grey and white model against a black background
Peiwei Zhang
Student Work M.Arch

Fuzzy Aggregate: Speculations on New Forms of Mix-Use

401 Advanced Topics Studio

Fuzzy Aggregate: Speculations on New Forms of Mix-Use centers on the tension between multiple, discrete, even disparate elements, as well as indeterminately vague and mysterious fuzzy aggregates. The impossibility to unify parts with whole, or the necessity of many wholes are the unresolved questions posed by the studio. Rather than only understanding parts as essential, we also imagine them as physical agents within both architectural volumes and surfaces.

Located along the edge of the Parc Zoologic de Barcelona, this studio completes an important urban part of the city. Beyond the formal and aesthetic aspect, projects address the design of the programmatic and problematic components constituting the aggregate. This studio speculates on the American version of the developer-driven “Mixed-Use.” The program incorporates various performing arts institutions in close proximity to residential programs. By strategically marrying form and content, architects can continue to reinvigorate and reinvent the city, while pushing forward radically plausible architectural agendas.

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