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Futuristic projection of Griffith Park Observatory on a hill in Los Angeles
Data Architectures: Machine learning-generated image of Griffith Park Observatory
Student Gallery M.S. AUD

Architectural Intelligence 2.0

IDEAS Technology Studio

Extending the studio's ongoing research into artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and computational design systems, the IDEAS Technology Studio explored the intersection of physical and virtual worlds as synthesized environments to enhance communication among citizens of the information age.

Data Architectures: In the Fall quarter, new design methodologies were derived from a collaboration between AI and human agency. Machine learning algorithms were trained to develop aesthetic biases from a database of precedent images to radically alter architectural form and spatial conditions through a Style-Transfer process.

Architecture in Extended Reality: Extended Reality (XR) describes numerous vision and media technologies that combine digital and physical worlds. In the Winter quarter, our research explored spatial interactions in XR between digital content and the user in retail environments, using the Design Within Reach Store in West Hollywood as a prototype for spatial interface, immersion and interaction during the retail experience.

Interface Architectures: Museum of the 3rd Kind: As contemporary trends move from acquiring objects to purchasing experiences, the traditional museum model shifts toward an emergent hybrid typology of museum and entertainment. Adopting innovative technologies, interactive projections, virtual and augmented reality, robotic performance, and dynamic sculptures, this techno-fantasy engages audiences through compelling, critical and provocative narratives, and offers a glimpse of our future.

Students: Pratinav Chadha, Christina Charalampaki, Bohan Cheng, Ruiyang (Ryan) Cheng, Kevin Clark, Haocheng (Hugo) Dai, Yutong (Rebecca) Dai, Yue Di, Rui (Ray) Ding, Lu (Luna) Geng, Jorge Gutierrez Vigil Escalera, Hoodeen Hakimian, Ying Huang, So Hyun (Sarah) Kim, Zhou Le, Luo Lei, Yunqi Lei, Zhengtao Liu, Qingyun (Zven) Lu, Sanjeet Sanjay (Sam) Mukadam, Narisu Narisu, Nidhi Kiritbhai Parsana, Kaushil Ketan Shah, Kshama Swamy, Hanshuang (Tony) Tong, Yiliang (Allen) Wang, Kan Yen Wu, Xuanyi (Zoey) Xu, Ce Yan, Yixuan Ye, Yicheng (Cheng) Zhao, Yiran Zhou.

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