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Lecture Alumni Exhibition Symposium Career Development Admissions
UCLA AUD Fall 2022 Lecture Series: Barbara Bestor October 3, 2022
Michael Young and Kutan Ayata: ​​Various Mediums May 26, 2022
Book Launch: Ayala Levin, "Architecture and Development: Israeli Construction in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Settler Colonial Imagination, 1958-1973" May 19, 2022
Bryan Young: "Figure - Cast - Frame" May 16, 2022
James Chinlund April 29, 2022
Chris Reed: “Staging” April 25, 2022
Book Launch: Reinier de Graaf, "The Masterplan" April 18, 2022
Mauricio Pezo & Sofia von Ellrichshausen: "Abstract Nature" April 4, 2022
Ideas After IDEAS: An MSAUD Alumni Symposium March 11, 2022
Mimi Hoang: “In, Out, At, On Building” March 9, 2022
Lunchtime Talks: Dana Cuff, Christopher Hawthorne, and Greg Lynn: "Los Angeles Experiments in Mobility and Domesticity" March 3, 2022
Lunchtime Talks: School or Lab? Kiel Moe in conversation with Michael Osman February 17, 2022