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Yasuaki Onoda


Dr. Yasuaki Onoda is a renowned architectural planner in contemporary Japan. After becoming a well-know architect after his contribution to the Sendai Mediatheque, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture designed by Toyo Ito in 2001, he has created many valuable architectural projects, together with other talented architects, through challenging processes. Since the March 2011 disaster in Japan, Onoda has been playing an important role as an organizer for reconstruction projects in disaster affected areas, as well as conducting critical research on the implications of recovery planning, which has been shared through key publications.

Yasuaki Onoda has been received numerous awards in Japan, including: the 2022 Architectural Institute of Japan Research Award; 2016 Architectural Institute of Japan Publishing Award for his book, Pre-Design Thinking; 2009 Architectural Institute of Japan Education Award for international workshops; 2019 Good Design Special Award for Kamaishi Public Housing with Manabu Chiba; 2019 Good Design Special Award for Toni Elementary School with Kumiko Inui; 2013 Building Contractors Society Award for Center Square, Tohoku University; 2003 Architectural Institute of Japan Design Award for Reihoku Community Hall with Hitoshi Abe.

He is also active in the academic field internationally, as the associate editor of JAABE and a visiting professor of Hongkong University or Chongqing University in China. In 2021, he was elected vice president of the Architectural Institute of Japan, where he is tackling difficult issues such as structural reform for sustainable archiving and application of architectural knowledge in Japan.

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