Tech Seminar with Jimenez Lai

M.Arch., M.S.AUD


Set Theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with the formal properties of sets as units (without regard to the nature of their individual constituents). In simpler terms, Set Theory is a study of the complexities of Venn diagrams. The hierarchies of how two (or more) units superimpose could create different types of Boolean operations.

Participants of this seminar will insert the series of Boolean units inside 56m tall slab typology tower (165m x 24m) sits roughly 300 units of normal households. This workshop proposes for the participants to imagine a collection of atypical rooms. Possibly oddly misshapen, probably excentric and nonsensical, most likely inconvenient to live in - but, altogether a pluaralistic heterotopia.

Four Rooms (1995) was a work of cinema done collaboratively by four separate directors. The physical location of the film takes place inside one hotel, whilst each director would tell a story inside one of the rooms. The only character who was able to travel between the worlds of the individual directors was a butler, as he trasverses through the coexistence of four narrative arcs. The idea of this studio is to consider multiple lives happening in parallel - as strange (and as plausible) as possible.

Whether the rooms are geometrically well-fitting, loose-fitting, or ill-fitting, the tower would contain individual worlds of high contrasts.


Jimenez Lai