Major Building Design Studio with Andrew Kovacs (Coordinator), Gabriel Fries-Briggs, Narineh Mirzaeian, and Jason Payne

M.Arch., Second Year


From Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown’s Fire Station #4 to Zaha Hadid’s Vitra Fire Station, the Fire Station has long been a public building where architectural issues are expressed and realized at a modest size. The culminating studio of the core curriculum at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, this studio is structured around four central issues: (1) Precedent / Analysis / Urban Network, (2) Massing / Organization, (3) Civic Disposition, and (4) Representation / Argument. These issues have their own mini-reviews throughout the quarter to foster cross-studio discussions. As such, the reviews act as a forum of shared issues to foreground joint discussions. To ensure discussions remain focused, students are selected from each section to represent the discussion of each review. While these issues have a defined place in the progression of the course, they should be seen as building over the course of the quarter.

Students (Kovacs): Shany Albalak, Kristiana Burgi, Michael DePrez, Zihao Ding, Yu Han, Sunghoon Lee, Yushan Men, Kyoung Eun Park, Georgia Pogas, Heather Tipton, Luchao Wang

Students (Payne): Megan Berookhim, Ryan Holloway, Hideyo Kameda, Martha Kriley, Florian Lepinard, Jacob Sertich, Yujie Shi, Noam Taylor, Teodora Velkova, Erfan Zamani, Peiwei Zhang

Students (Mirzaeian): Samantha Crawford, David Erlich, Kate Gancedo, Sarah Grieve, Daravuth Hav, Philip Li, Zhiyin Lin, Daniel Sklar, David Vasquez, Jiajie Wang, Chloe Watson

Students (Fries-Briggs): Catherine Carlson, Chieh-Ting Chuang, Sammy Hasan, Ching Kao, Rayne Laborde, Ziyao Li, Na Shen, Wandi Wang, Deyang Yu, Ni Zhang, Yifan Zhang