Major Building Design Studio

M.Arch., Second Year

The Major Building Design Studio is the final studio in the core sequence. While this is a team taught studio and faculty members share a common theme, each faculty member develops both a singular brief and project site to explore and develop that theme providing students with a set of focused option studios in the Spring of their 2nd year. The studio focuses on the integration of programming, site planning, urban design, structural and environmental control systems, architectural expression, as they might be appropriate to building scale and presented in graphic and model form. This studio is organized around a large complex multifunction program with an urban component – recent studios have focused on the topic of a large parking structure + additional program such as retail and hotel. As an integrative design and research problem, the thrust of the studio is toward the precise architectural translation and materialization of abstract cultural forces and demands (i.e codes, markets, and socio-economic groupings) and considers issues such as  the relationship of new development to existing urban fabric; How contextual and cultural forces inform design; and the Complex interfaces between program components, constituents and drivers (i.e. public, private and hybrids).