Degree Programs

Four distinct graduate programs: two professional, and two academic degrees.

Degree Programs

We offer four distinct graduate degrees, two professional and two academic. We also offer a two-year undergraduate program that begins in the junior year of residence. 

Master of Architecture I (M.Arch.I)

  • A three-year, NAAB accredited program that prepares students for professional practice and other career paths.
  • M.Arch.I students may also pursue a concurrent degree in Urban Planning (M.Arch.I / M.U.R.P.).

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Master of Architecture II (M.Arch.II)

  • A one-year, post-professional degree that combines theory and practical applications in collaboration with industry partners.
  • Students hold a professional, five-year undergraduate degree in architecture or the foreign equivalent.

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Master of Arts in Architecture (M.A.)

  • A two-year academic program which prepares students for research and teaching in fields related to architecture and urban design.

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture (Ph.D)

  • An advanced research degree organized around current scholarly debates.
  • The length of time for completion averages six years.

B.A. in Architectural Studies

  • A two-year liberal arts degree that begins in the junior year of residence.
  • Coursework focuses on three areas: Critical Studies, Design and Technology.