Rendering of "Ambivalent House," the first place winner. Image: Hirsuta

Ambivalent House designed by Jason Payne (Hirsuta), A.UD Associate Professor wins the Arch Out Loud Design competition.

Ambivalent House
spheroid - a figure resembling a sphere; an object of approximately spherical shape; ellipsoid of revolution; an object that is somewhat round but not perfectly round.

Stranger things have happened on Mulholland Drive. Like the Chemosphere before it, this house pushes hard on the envelope of experimental residential design. A spheroid floating low to the ground on a single column, the form is the anexact offspring of more geometrically perfect round houses already achieved. It rotates, too, like Foster’s Roundhouse, but much more slowly, perhaps over the course of a year or more. In this way, the house’s many faces continually recombine visually to produce new profiles and elevations, an ever-changing, ambivalent object. The iconicity that is inevitable of an experimental house on this site is challenged, then, by its resistance to ever being viewed or read the same way twice. 

Explore the full project here: http://www.archoutloud.com/ambivalent-house.html

Architectural research initiative Ach Out Loud partnered with Last House on Mulholland to host the Hollywood design competition, receiving 500 participants worldwide. The project invites designers to envision a home of the future with innovative use of technology and integrative environmental strategies, while also capitalizing on the iconic prominence of the site. Located on an empty plot directly beneath the iconic Hollywood sign on the Mulholland drive of — where the last house sits in an empty plot. The famous signage has long served as a symbol of celebrity glamour and entertainment but for many, the sign also evokes the hopes, dreams and aspirations of American culture. Hence, this quality gives great prominence to the project which proposes positive solutions to future housing. 

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