Visit to IDEAS, Swedish Delegation


A Swedish Delegation of textile manufacturers visited IDEAS, home to A.UD's SUPRASTUDIO on Tuesday October 1st to meet with Lecturer Julia Koerner. Known for her 3D printed Haute Coutre Fashion dresses designed with Iris van Herpern (Netherlands) the group received a tour of the facilities, robotics demonstration and lecture by Koerner.

Julia's presentation to the group was an insight into the emergent technology “additive manufacturing” and how it merges architecture and fashion design and was specifically targeted to the the Delegation TEKO with its expertise in textile manufacturing.  It included a broad overview about her work experience combining academic research with robotic technology, product design, and fashion design.  Julia's collaboration with fashion designer Iris van Herpen (Neatherlands) and the 3D printing company Materialise (Belgium) is a wonderful example of how she combines research with practice. Additive manufacturing technology is mainly used in the Medical and Car Industry, but has become more and more of an interest to the design world.  Textile and fashion design 3D printing combines cutting edge design possibilities with emergent techniques for manufacturing clothes. As part of the presentation Julia focused on two designs, the HYBRID HOLISM dress and the VOLTAGE dress, originally showcased in the Haute Couture shows in Paris 2012 and 2013.


Swedish Delegation of Textile Manufacturers visit IDEAS with Julia Koerner
Iris van Herpen and Julia Koerner, Hybrid Holism, 2012
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