414.2, Major Building Design

Andrew Kovacs, Visiting Assistant Professor

The hotel has long been a typology where architects are able to imagine and construct a world within a world. Combined with a transit center, the two typologies effectively becomes a social condenser. Within this some- what unexplored typology exists explosive potential for not only rethink existing assumptions of what hotel and transit center may each individually constitute, but also the possibility to re-imagine daily life. As a center of gravity within the city of Los Angeles the social condenser will fall within two formal categories: the vertical conglomerate or the horizontal composite. Each formal strategy will inevitably involve the consideration of part-to-part relationships, the organization and distribution of program in both time and spatial adjacency, the typical plan, the atypical plan, the room and the interior. Site on a narrow strip bracketed by two existing behemoths — the Beverly Hilton and the Peninsula — the Social condenser through the formal construct of either the vertical conglomerate or the horizontal composite will aim to offer a third option for the experience of daily life.

Students: Andrew Akins, Kimberly Daul, Angel Gonzalez, Sarah Johnson, Steven Matti, Emma Price, Ji Qu, Zhuoran Xu.