Unveiled, SUPRSTUDIO 2014-15 Poster


The UCLA A.UD SUPRASTUDIO 2014-15 poster has arrived.

SUPRASTUDIO is a research platform in architecture education that advances experimentation and cross-discipline collaboration among professors, students, and industry partners to expand the boundaries of architectural practice.

The program is a one-year post-professional course of study that leads to a Masters of Architecture degree. Throughout the year, students work on a dedicated research topic to build a continuous and in depth line of study. Under the umbrella of UCLA, a premier global research institution, SUPRASTUDIO fills a current void in architecture education by providing a dedicated program and satellite campus for advanced applied research for the future of architecture and urban design.

The compressed and intensive timeline for this program requires an advanced background in architectural studies and is open to students with a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree from an NAAB accredited program in the U.S., foreign equivalent, or graduate degree in architecture.

To learn more about the SUPRASTUDIO/M.ARCH. II program click here.

To watch a short video about the SUPRASTUDIO/M.ARCH. II program click here.