FALL 2013

To augment Professor Mark Mack's Research studio STUPID CITIES: Intelligent Neighborhoods, the students traveled with Mack to seven European cities, whose transportation and liveability indexes exceed the urban contemporary standards. The studio mostly travelled on public transportation, bikes and trains in and through Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, Villach, Venice, and Barcelona. Each of these cities offers different transportation and liveability highlights, which make them unique places. 

These city visits were enhanced by visits to agencies of change, like APUR- the Urban Office of Paris, exploring rainy Amsterdam on rented bikes, witnessing the transportation interconnectedness of Vienna, a 3-day seminar at the Steinhaus near Villach, a compressed day on water taxis in Venice and a city walking presentation of the pedestrian oriented City of Barcelona.

No student was lost, even though many just lost their heart in the various "exotic" urban environments. This twelve day seven city extreme tour of OLD CITIES, whose efforts to cope with the future is expressed in the various programs and visions they are engaged in, was the first part of this three quarter effort to redesign the Beach city of Venice, California as part of this research studio.