Group Photo at Frank Gehry's Biomuseo in Panama City

Concrete Jungle: The Junction of Panama City is a graduate level Advanced Topics studio with a travel component that examines the typology of the tower led by A.UD faculty Andrew Kovacs.  Students work in predominantly physical model - producing architectural speculations on how the typology of the tower may evolve in Panama City.  For the 1st review students produced small physical models that were then photographed, enlarged and placed on backgrounds taken from renderings for proposed towers for Panama City. 

Study Models for Panama City Towers

In the third week of the winter quarter UCLA A.UD graduate students travelled to Panama City for the studio Concrete Jungle: The Junction of Panama City.  The trip was an extreme site visit that included visits to new iconic buildings of Panama City, office visits and interviews with prominent architects building in the city, brand new communities that are being constructed from scratch, as well as notable attractions such as the Panama Canal. 

Visit with Architect Alfonso Pinzon Mendez

The focus of the trip was to gain insight into the rapid new developments occurring in and throughout the city as well as the architectural motivations behind such developments. The filmmaker Phil Donohue joined the trip to document events and the studio was accompanied by local architects Darién Montañez and Johann Wolfschoon. 

Group Photo at Costa Del Este.

Midterms were held at the A.UD last week. Here are a few examples of how the studio is progressing.

Midterm review installation for Concrete Jungle

Midterm review installation for Concrete Jungle