Travel Studio_Mykonos


“Unless you have seen the houses of Mykonos, you cannot pretend to be an architect, whatever architecture had to say, it is said here” 
Le Corbusier, 1920’

Advanced Topic Studio led by Assistant Adjunct Professor Georgina Huljich and John Spence traveled to Mykonos to conduct research to propose paradigms for island development and growth that incorporate architecture, landscape and territory as a form of “second nature”, a man-made ecology able to be at the same time integrated with its larger geography yet relatively autonomous and self-sufficient from it.  The studio will work on a “rural ensemble”, consisting of a grouping of both existing and new buildings on a large rural terrain.  The class explores the construction of architecture not just as a formal whole, but as a figural patchwork wherein disparate and yet conforming styles, buildings and volumes will coexist, strangely.

The project asks for the design of a [mix-used] resort with approximately 40 units in the island of Mykonos, Greece. While decidedly not in an urban center, the site is bounded by history and its associated stereotypes, such as the need to maintain and preserve a local historic building language and land use.

The studio’s collaboration with Music agent turned Hotelier & Developer John Spence allows students to look into innovation with a real understanding of problems at hand but with a visionary and risk taking mindset that characterizes his approach to unconventionally remote sites and luxury development.

The trip was possible by the generous support of Karma Group.