Thursday Final Review: 122 Studio II


122 STUDIO II  (Undergrad Studio)
Led by Heather Roberge

Studio Introduction
Design research conducted through residential commissions has defined Los Angeles’ contribution to the discipline from the 1920’s until recently. Climate, technology, industry and lifestyle have comingled to shape environments for living of unusual quality and character.
In this studio, we will study the artifacts of this research and speculate about the future environments possible given developments in digital tools for spatial description,  numerically controlled fabrication, mounting ecological concerns and contemporary design culture.
Each student will be asked to foreground overtly atmospheric space-making and the primary role of geometry and tectonics in the production of spatial qualities.
The goals of this studio are to understand the spatial impact of tectonics and roof rainwater harvesting; to investigate how geometry, material, and force mix to produce atmosphere; and to organize program and circulation in response to spatial rhythms. These investigations will be carried out through the design of single family residence in Los Angeles.