Monday, March 17 | Perloff Hall
Winter Final Reviews

The New Californian  Steel House, 415 Comphensive Design Studio 
Instructors: Mark Mack, Hadrian Predock, Ben Refuerzo

The objective of this design studio is to gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding   of  the  various  parts  which   make  up  a  realized  work   of architecture.
The course is built on the cumulative development of architectural knowledge and encompasses the various adjacent disciplines that make up a build able architectural project. From code and zoning  interpretations, complex programming  structural limitations, sustainable concerns  and possibilities  for more complex building system this course will use systematically acquired knowledge to arrive at a comprehensive architectural project. While the emphasis is on the understanding and manipulation of architectural knowledge about building and construction, it is nevertheless understood that pushing the extents of design and technology is paramount to  this  studio exercise.

The Residential Steel Building - the Case Study house in particular, a Southern Californian specimen - will serve as a departure point from which to charter new designs which at least in their ambition emulate similar lofty goals in today's cultural, economical and technological era. While the Case Study Houses explored  what  could  be  done  with  ready  available  and  machine-produced building materials, today's  challenges are multiplied  and differentiated. Issues such as prefabrication, sustainability, new assembly techniques, economic feasibility and change of use create different challenges for design.

This course will have different requirements related to the different phases of the design process such as sketches, sketch models, diagrams, plans of different scale, models or modeling of ideas and components  and material research as well as compliance with local codes and research of materials. The students can further explore ideas related to building real-scale models of wall sections and steel connections.