123 Studio III
Ben Refuerzo, Professor
“When we build let us think that we build forever” —John Ruskin, Seven Lamps of Architecture
The ‘Luce Center for IDEAS’ is meant to embody a spirit of change and hope for the future. It is expected that the cultural /social programs rep- resented there will act as a catalyst for this change and provide a symbol for discourse and new ideas... not only for the City of Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area, but also be a symbol globally. The students are asked to make an architecture that will reflect and elevate the status of the building to one that is a landmark for its visitors. Students should consider its context, material, form as a well as its program. Bring all of these forces together to merge art and technology to make architecture. There are no preconceived notions about what it should be, “words” alone will need to be operationalize in order to move beyond the programmatic labels, i.e., “library” might have a different connotation than information retrieval etc. etc. It will be important to the overall design of the project for the students to conceive how a word can be transformative in nature and perhaps allow for a different/new way of doing/making. Bear in mind that a new or different way may not make it right, and that the “will” of the architect cannot make good out of a poorly resolved building.
Students: Rodal Ajami, Jose Cisneros, Ryan Conroy, Athena Do, Ava Ghiassi, Cori Gunderson, Claire Hartinger, Sascha Mohkami-Jahromi, Crystala Richardson, Janie Rochfort, James Skarzenski, Michelle Soave, Ladan Zolfaghari.