SUNSET 2050 at the Cooper Hewitt


SUNSET 2050, an exhibit from last year's IDEAS Mobility Studio with Craig Hodgetts and Marta Nowak will be featured in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum's upcoming exhibition "The Road Ahead: Reimagining Mobility", an interactive exhibition showcasing provocations and proposals for a reimagined streetscape within a more inclusive city.

SUNSET 2050 is the result of a year-long M.Arch.II research topic that envisioned a master plan for the Sunset Strip circa 2050. From tackling the nuances of autonomous technology in a ten-week collaboration with ArtCenter College of Design to spearheading a new wave of “visual billboarding," the studio imagined a future for the Strip that champions its innate charm while embracing an optimism promised by the technological advances of tomorrow. 

The exhibition will be on view December 14 through March 2019. If you're in NYC stop by and check it out: www.cooperhewitt.org/events/current-exhibitions/upcoming-exhibitions/.

Congratulations to all of our M.Arch.II graduates who were involved!