IDEAS Technology Director Guvenc Ozel participated in a panel discussion for Motor City West on November 17 in conjunction with the LA Auto Show focusing on the latest trends and topics transforming the way auto brands sell to consumers.  Motor City West took a deep dive into the current and future market trends of auto shoppers, new automotive design and technologies that will ultimately reshape the automotive landscape. What were some of the highlights?

- According to UTA Brand Studios' Brand Dependence Index, Audi came out on top with the highest brand attachment.

- We chatted about the democratization of the luxury car market as well as marketing engagement in car development. Goal should be to understand the customer, invite the costumer in and be a part of the customer's life.

- Toyota's Ed La Rocque and Honda's Steve Center went head to head on fuel cells and alternative technologies. Be on the lookout for their hydrogen cars!

- According to Guvenc Ozel from IDEAS-UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, we need to move from design thinking to spatial thinking.

- Karl Brauer of KBB said the average daily commute is 51 minutes, which means a lot of in-car marketing opportunities! 80% of cars have infotainment systems. 

Presenters included:

            •Larry Vincent, Co-Founder of UTA Brand Studio, will unveil the results of their first Automotive Brand Dependence Index based on data collected from thousands of consumers.

            •Phil McDonnell, Client Director, Strategy at Initiative, and Matt Unger of Lexus Santa Monica will cover the democratization of the luxury car market.

            •Mark Dipko, Director, Corporate Planning and Strategy at Hyundai, and Philippe Martinez, Senior Creative Consultant at 3DXCITE, will take on marketing engagement in car development. They'll be discussing how Hyundai has involved consumers at the beginning of the car development process.

            •Ed La Roque, National Marketing Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicles at Toyota, and Steve Center, VP Environmental Development Office at Honda, two of the top OEM innovators, will take the audience through the new world of fuel cells and alternative technologies.

            •Guvenc Ozel, Technology Director at IDEAS-UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, will explore the future impact of the autonomous car on the LA landscape.

            •Karl Brauer, Senior Director, Insights at Kelley Blue Book, will discuss how to market the connected car.