401 Tech Core Studio
Jason Payne, Assistant Professor
Hadrian Predock, Lecturer

Heather Roberge, Assistant Professor
Mohamed Sharif, Lecturer
The 401 (Techcore) Design design studio unites the focused material fabrication model of the technology seminar with the design project of the traditional core studio. As the culmination of the first year studio progression from form (411) to plan (412) and now to section/elevation, this studio works with the same tripartite project structure as those before: precedent, problem, project. It is different, however, in its introduction of a collaborative working model meant to introduce students to the realities of the professional working environment in which projects are pursued in groups toward a common goal.
Heidi Alexander, Harriso Bains, James Barron, Kyra Bauman, Garth Britzman, Di Chang, Tzu-Jung Chang, Katie Chuh, Chris Corsmeier, Adam Croce, Isabel Deakin, Chad Diep, Bingqian Dong, Adrien Forney, Shen Gao, Cristina Gasso Palop, David Gray, Samantha Hoch,Julia Hsu, Jamie Kleine, Mark Lagola, Ingrid Lao,Daniel Lee, Lyo Liu, Aiqi Liu, Joseph Maguid, Victoria McKenna, Luis Ochoa, Damilola Olufowoshe, Nawid Piracha, Thomas Pompeani, Richard Ruiz, David Saldin, Robert Skelton, Di Song, Johathan Talley, John Whitcomb, Erin Wright, Rui Xiong, Hsiao Chun Yang, Brian Yarish, Michael Ying, Sara Yoshida,Kenneth Young,Joanna Zdziarska, Xiaolin Zhang.