room: B320 course: 123 DESIGN STUDIO (undergrad)
Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Lecturer
Our section worked as a collaboration of individuals on the entire site by employing the Surrealist parlor game of Exquisite Corpse at the urban scale. Rather than parse out territory into discrete plots of land with established contextual relationships and usage requirements, each student received their own bounded territory in which they populated and developed according to a finite set of rules & requirements. After a round of autonomous, and initially random, development, each student provided a sliver of their edge to their neighbors for further development.
As an urban strategy, exquisite corpse offers a formal way into addressing issues of boundary, territory, figure, texture, scale, and affect that oscillates between top-down and bottom-up organizations. Initially played out in literature/poetry (and rejected by visual artists), Exquisite Corpse entered the visual realm by chance. Andre Breton, one of the founders of the surrealist movement, and some cohorts decided to play it out in collage form and began to see its potential for producing unexpected and strange figures and associations.
ZONING STRATEGIES Current Urban Planning is based on Land-Use Zoning, a strategy for social engineering, whose main goal is to avoid certain social ills by separating use types. New York City was among the first to establish zoning laws in response to skyscrapers being erected that covered the entire footprint of its property, which blocked windows of and diminished available sunlight to neighboring buildings.
We will begin by implementing a set of zoning overlays that will serve to regulate density, FAR, heights, use, green space, affect, etc. Each student will create a zoning map that distributes an intensive range of one criteria. These will then be combined to form the structural basis for Exquisite City.
s t u d e n t s : Isabel Branas, Malcolm Galang, Madeline Holmes, Vivian Li, Stephanie Loo, Zhi Pei, Diandra Rendradjaja, Casey Ringenberg, Danielee Swenson, You Wu