414.3 Major Building Design Studio
Mark Mack, Professor
In most urban areas, and especially in Los Angeles, parking is a key economic driver in determining the feasibility of new developments and in reconfiguring existing architecture. Recent revaluations of parking needs and new approaches to car placements have yielded new and exciting solutions in combination with developed new and older spaces. Now multi- level Parking structures - static and single use spaces - may be reevaluated for their usefulness and adequacy. New programming ideas and mixed use applications may be superimposed onto these expiring structures to re- veal new potentials for a multivalent and sustainable architectural future.
This studio explores the potential of retrofitting an existing parking structure on the UCLA Campus as a new building type, in which a new life form is interjected in order to make a more adaptable and appropriate use of the structure serving the needs of the University campus and student life. In addition to the analysis of existing conditions and future parking systems, structure and mechanics, the additional program adds 350 beds for North Campus students on top of the existing or truncated structure. Besides studying the long and short term benefits of such an intervention for long-term sustainability-zero gain energy needs, it also seeks qualitative and economic adequacy for future generations of students.
This design exercise will use several methods of architectural perception and recording to create a new understanding of the existing substance and its surrounding as well as explore the possibilities of interloping new program components, benefiting the majority user of the UCLA campus, the Student.
s t u d e n t s : Heidi Alexander, Victoria McKenna, Thomas Pompeani, Kenneth Young, Xiaolin Zhang, Lyo H.Liu, Bonnie Hsiao Yang, Kellie Tzu Chang, Adam Croce, Rui Xiong, Ziqi Liu