Add Opportunity
Kivi Sotamaa, Adjunct Associate Professor
Course: 289.3: Technology Seminar

"To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities." Bruce Lee
This seminar focuses on design as a method for exploring
new applications and business potentials of Additive Manufacturing Technologies, and nanoscopically structured fibrous cellulose. The seminar participants developed workflows, design applications, and business models based
on the characteristics and manufacturing processes related
to 3D printed fibrous Nanocellulose.
The aim of the seminar was to introduce students to the cutting edge of digital design and manufacturing, and as a group, to go beyond that edge in order to create new design innovations, that can influence and drive the ongoing technical and scientific research. The seminar began by exploring and mapping out the technologies, and their possible areas of application, and proceeded by executing a number of case studies, developing work flows, and culminated in the production of 3D printed prototypes.
Students: Brian Barnes, Jacob Bloom, Derek Buell, James Currie, Timothy Harmon, Ryan L. Hong, Hongkai Li, Steven Matti, Roshanak Mostaghim, Peter Nguyen, Tas Febres- Cordero, Andrew Raffel, Adam Rude, Nicholas Solakian, Marie Trabold, and Zhuoran Xu