room: 1118 course: 289.6 Technology Seminar
Jimenez Lai, Lecturer
If architecture is always the backdrop of human lives, architects can de- sign the image of the mood of the story.
This seminar focused on architecture that makes stories. The students constructed an array of stories, storyboards, environments, backdrops, and even investigation techniques of story composition and storyboards. Through this coursework, the seminar spent part of their energy on the consumption of a vast amount of material within architecture to build a better archive towards the content of our film.
This seminar resulted in a compilation of short videos, at about a minute each for eight groups of students. With RUMBLE in mind, a screening/exhibition of the student work has been one of the objectives of this course. The artifacts used in making this film such as models, storyboards, drawings, backdrops, musical instruments, smoke machines, special lighting contraptions, and so forth are also on display.
s t u d e n t s : Nick Issa Aho, Samuel Allen Bent, Jinliang Chen, Kimberly Anne Daul, Yuan Dong, Hui Feng, Bing Guo, Omar Jamilul Haque, Bezalel Hin-Dzi Ho, Jae Hwan Lee, Wonjun Lee, Jingjun Li, Andre Simapranata, Wei-Chieh Tsai, Qiaoyue Wang, Suhua Wang, Hsiao Chun Yang, Xianshuang Zeng, Qi Zhang, Yafei Zhang, Yifan Zhang