RUMBLE STUDIO, Greg Lynn w Julia Koerner


Masses in Motion

Greg Lynn, Professor / Julia Koerner, Lecturer

SUPRASTUDIO 2012-2013 Masses in Motion explores the impact of robotics on architecture; not in terms of fabrication and assembly of buildings, but in the literal movement
of rooms, facades, vertical transportation, furniture and equipment. The studio combined a small percentage of literal moving rooms or elements with the phenomenal movement
of spatial composition and environments. The studio began with a ‘pop-up’ structure defined by the individual students where the spectacle of motion, as well as the logistics of a movable, deployable, free-standing structure engaged the themes of motion.
A larger second project was designed for a permanent circus performance theater where robotic movement was not only limited to the stages, but was also part of the lobby, seating, restaurant, civic, or theater environment. This project began with a visit to several Cirque du Soleil theaters
in Las Vegas, an analysis of various theaters in Hollywood and consultations and discussions with Valerie LeBlanc from Cirque. The final design topic was the redesign and rethinking of the Omni Hotel located in the cultural district of Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. Concepts of motion and movement were defined by each of the students to help rethink the lobby experience for visitors and guests, the hotel experience, the landscape of pools and outdoor spaces, and the urban address of the hotel to Olive Street, Grand Avenue, MOCA, Broad Collection, Disney Hall, Angel’s Flight, and the surrounding California Plaza landscape. Eric Cheong, the design director for Ace Hotels met with the students to discuss contemporary hospitality thinking and how it connected with the student’s ideas about motion and robotics.
The SUPRASTUDIO is directed to prepare the students for issues that will face practice in the next decade as well as giving them exposure to the vanguard of creative clients
who are shaping cultural experience; such as Cirque du Soliel and Ace Hotels for example. The topic of robotics is already integrated into the UCLA curriculum as well as other schools and is now less and less a topic for innovation. SUPRASTUDIO Masses in Motion has shifted the focus from how robotics can make things towards how robotics can move things or help to redesign all the parts of a building that already move with a new intelligence or with new design opportunities.
Students: Hong Chen, Matthew Corbitt, Celene Lehrer, Hongkai Li, Andrew Raffel, Behrokh Govari, Lauren Rath, Rudy Spiridon, and David Stamatis