RUMBLE STUDIO, Craig Hodgetts


414 Major Building Design Studio

Kevin Daly, Lecturer; Mark Mack, Professor; Craig Hodgetts, Professor;
Kivi Sotamaa, Adjunct Associate Professor
Course: Major Buidling Design Studio

In a bid to further consolidate the elements of its campus, 
the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has engaged Peter Zumthor to prepare a master plan and to propose a
new building.
Sameness, apparent similarity and difference will be examined across the studio as four instructors employ practically identical programs on nearly identical sites to explore differences in
form, surface, structure and ADA compliance. Distinctions between sameness and difference are essential to principles of classification, creating orders of things, whether we are considering types of insects or building types. Each studio in 414 will employ a program similar in size and related in type, allowing for research into the fundamental requirements of the program to provide opportunity to examine differences that arise in the development of the projects over the quarter.
The studio used the LACMA campus as the site, including the parking area associated with the Paige Museum and the lot recently acquired by LACMA across Wilshire. Many of the existing museum buildings are being reconsidered as part of a master plan being developed by Peter Zumthor. In response, a range of programs will be considered across the studio, with each critic providing a narrative to differentiate a normative program.
A Museum of Manga

Craig Hodgetts, Professor

Course: 414.2 Major Building Design Studio
Working within the constraints of Zumthor’s master plan and the adjacent LACMA-owned parking lot, this iteration
of the 414 studio proposes a specialized museum devoted to comic book and graphic novels as a free standing structure to complement the high art seriousness of LACMA. Designed to complement the Japanese Donor’s collection of more than 100,000 titles, ranging from DC comics to Darkman and Tadanora Yakoo’s poster art, the museum will pay homage to this under appreciated art form and those who create it.
The students’ proposal will act as a repository and restoration facility for the work nearly all of which were printed on newsprint or other rapidly degrading material, and a digital archive and catalogue for use by researchers and scholars. The adjacencies and spatial interaction of the museum facilities as well as the permanent museum exhibit vocabulary will form an important part of this project, as well as the code-mandated clearances for ramps, toilet facilities, drinking fountains etc.
Students: Krysten Burton, Chris Gassaway, Eoanna Harrison Yadira Jerez, Mehr Khanpour, Megan M. Lepp, Farzad Mirshafiei, Julie Mithun, Ellen Pierce, and Inkyung Ryu