Rumble: A Film


RUMBLE, is the name of the annual end-of-year exhibition at UCLA’s School of Architecture and Urban Design.

It is a major event that crystallizes the schools passionate commitment to sharing idea-driven work, led by such world renowned faculty as Thom Mayne, Neil Denari, Greg Lynn, and Sylvia Lavin with a broad audience in Los Angeles and around the globe. During two days in June, RUMBLE brings together alumni, faculty, and critics including Jesse Reiser, Jeff Kipnis, Nanako Umemoto among others to grapple with a broad range of rigorous research and speculation created by students at the school over the course of the academic year. Because RUMBLE has become such a highly anticipated event in global design culture, the school invited filmmaker David Fenster to document the bold vibe and vitality of RUMBLE in spring 2011.

10,000 square feet of year-end studio and program installations redefine the provocative opportunities confronting the next generation of architects. 90 leading, internationally renowned architects, critics and designers gather to discuss the 200 projects on view. RUMBLE aims to bring the energy and smarts of the street to the school, students are the instigators, while critics generate some of this buzz in the form of annotated index cards. Writing down a line or two on one or as many cards as the critics like leaves a trace of their thoughts as well as the flavor of the many review discussions that cap the hard work accomplished. Periodic displays of the cards appear in the foyer allowing everyone to browse snippets of what others are thinking and saying in all of the reviews. Sketches and doodles by critics are encouraged.

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