WORKSHOPS August - September 2014
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UCLA Architecture & Urban Design is pleased to present our 2014 Summer offerings that will continue to engage students in rigorous and innovative design. UCLA A.UD Summer Programs will provide unique opportunities for college students, professionals, and high school students to explore architecture and design with cutting-edge designers and practitioners, to learn and use the most dynamic software, work with fellow colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds, and to experience summer in Los Angeles on the UCLA campus.

Open to all individuals interested in learning and furthering developing digital design skills.

Four to six session courses on digital tools for beginning, intermediate and advanced students and professionals. These workshops are ideal for individuals who want to develop skills in design, architecture, and other related fields as well as for those who already have experience and want to develop it further.

Access to UCLA’s well-known digital and fabrication facilities and instruction through rigorous and effective teaching techniques make these workshops both unique and rare. They cover topics in advanced software, portfolio preparation, furniture making and digital fabrication machinery, essential for materializing the complex forms found in many digital projects.

All workshops take place in the computer lab at Perloff Hall. Students can use the Department’s computers but are welcome to bring their own laptops if all software is previously installed. 

Please note that workshops are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.


Digital Fabrication
4 classes, Fee: $400 + materials
T, Thu; 2 pm – 5 pmAug. 19, 21, 26, 28, 2014 

This workshop will introduce participants to advanced processes of digital fabrication using primarily CNC milling and laser cutting technology. The workshop will engage different instances of design strategies while incorporating a variety of material and fabrication constrains. Students will learn how to prepare digital files for fabrication with these machines, and ways in which they can exploit the strengths of each method.  The workshop will focus on the translation of information from the digital to the material, and consider the way in which craft, color, and texture plays into the digitally-fabricated product.  Materials: $100 to $400.

Parametric Design w/ Grasshopper
6 classes, Fee: $600
M, W, F; 9 am – 12 pm; Sept. 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 2014 

This workshop will introduce students to the parametric plug-in Grasshopper for Rhino3D. Grasshopper is ideal for designers exploring new shapes using generative algorithms, and an accessible method for parametric design. Participants will be exposed to beginner/intermediate level workflows and design strategies for parametric modeling. Emphasis will be placed on data flow, visualization, and analysis techniques that will provide a strong basis for future research and development.
Software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

Intro to Rhino
6 classes, Fee: $600
M, W, F; 6 pm – 9 pm; Aug.18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29, 2014

This workshop will explore a variety of possibilities for modeling complex form using Rhino as the main software platform.  Students will learn how to draw in the 2D Rhino environment, how to manipulate that 2D linework in 3D, and finally, how to create and edit surfaces to create a complex 3D form.  No previous experience required. Software:  Rhinoceros, Adobe Illustrator

Digital Rendering FULL
4 classes, Fee: $400
T, Thu; 9 am – 12 pm; Aug. 19, 21, 26, 28, 2014

Digital renderings are often the most effective way to communicate the atmosphere of a given architectural design. Renderings have the opportunity to show us the perspective of a space, how it would look to be there, and even how it might feel to be there - what the light is like, what the temperature is, what materials are around us.  This workshop will use VRay, Maxwell, and Adobe Photoshop as the primary software platforms through which to develop various types of imaginary and architectural visualization.  No previous experience required.  Software: Rhinoceros, VRay, Maxwell, Adobe Photoshop.

Furniture Making Techniques
6 classes, Fee: $600 + materials
M, W, F; 6 pm - 9 pm;  Aug. 8 10, 12,15,17,19 , 2014 

This two-week workshop will teach students traditional wood working techniques in combination with computer-based fabrication technologies. The course provides access to cnc routers, cnc laser cutters and other technological equipment. There will be hands-on training and instruction for CADCAM software and cnc router operation with the goal of combining these methods with traditional wood working handicraft. Students will begin by making small object to test out the new techniques and will eventually complete a small furniture project by the end of the course.  Budget for materials will range between $25-$150, depending largely on the species of wood chosen by the student. Scrap lumber will be provided on the first day of class for the beginning project. Please contact the instructor prior to the first class to discuss any special projects. No previous experience required.

Parametric Design with Revit
6 classes, Fee: $600
M, W, F; 2 pm – 5 pm; Sept. 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 2014 

This workshop will provide students with the knowledge necessary to develop an intelligent Building Information Model (BIM) in the Revit software environment. Students will be instructed on the fundamental concepts and benefits of BIM and the role parametrics and information play in the design and documentation process. This course will leave students with the ability to develop a full BIM of a building, render it, and efficiently derive thoroughly coordinated drawing documentation and details from it. Upon completion, students will be well prepared to utilize this technology for their academic endeavors, but perhaps more importantly, have a jump start on directly applying their academic skills and knowledge to the professional architecture environment.  No previous experience required. Software: Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; Microsoft World.

6 classes, Fee: $600
M, W, F; 9am-12pm; Aug 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29, 2014 

This two-week workshop is designed to instruct students in skills for portfolio layout, the central component in graduate school applications for architecture, landscape architecture and related design fields.  The workshop will present examples of successful portfolios and introduce techniques for graphic communication including image-work, line-work and diagrams. Students will be given direct feedback through one-on-one critiques as well as pin-up reviews based on the layouts they produce of their own work. The workshop will also include close editing of texts for the portfolio.   No previous experience required. Software: Revit Architecture

Drawing Complex Digital Form
4 classes, Fee: $400
T, Thu; 6 pm – 9 pm; Aug. 19, 21, 26, 28 

This 2-week workshop will introduce students to techniques of analysis and representation as it relates to complex digital form. Students will learn how to rigorously analyze complex digital form with architectural drawing and diagramming techniques.  Drawing types covered will include plan, section, axonometric, serial section, unfolding diagram, exploded axonometric, contouring, and kit of parts.  All drawings will be executed in a digital environment with Rhino, from a 3D model provided at the beginning of the workshop.  Additional digital work will focus on the manipulation of imagery in both raster and vector graphic forms using the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop).  Familiarity with Rhino (or also taking the Intro to Rhino workshop) is recommended.  Software: Rhinoceros, Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator and Photoshop.

3D Printing for Everyone
3 classes, Fee: $ 300 + materials
M, W, F; 2 pm - 5 pm; Aug. 18, 20, 22, 2014

Take some of the mystery out of the current excitement about 3D printing and find out how and why people are using 3D printers.  Learn about different types of machines and materials available (hobby, desktop, and large industrial machines; plastics, metals, waxes), create part files and send them to different printers for a hands-on experience. Develop a good foundation to move forward and incorporate 3D printing in your own projects.  

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UCLA A.UD Summer 2014, Workshop Registration, 1317 Perloff Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Please include a copy of your registration form with your payment.

Please note workshops are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not obtained. If enrollment is not met a refund will be issued.