Chromatopia: Generally Different Towers for Shanghai is now available!
UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, 2015

Chromatopia, at first, aims to be a collective project designed by eight individuals, a collective enterprise that negotiates its individual differences within a regime of agreement. The utopic overtones (or undertones?) openly engage the premise of a new and different world, yet the world depicted here is made up of the existing impulses of Shanghai. More towers, more programs, more color — to offer at a political level more publicness too, which may be more atopic in its mission, that is, to make a borderless utopia, one that would infect the life and spirit of the city.
— Neil Denari

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design is proud to announce the published research findings of Professor Neil Denari's 2014-15 Research Studio Chroma-topia: Generally Different Towers for Shanghai.

What is left to be said, in 2015, about the state of the high rise, especially concerning Shanghai, a city that has more than 1400 buildings over 100 meters tall? Neil Denari and his students investigate this question in a year-long study of high rise towers and vertical density in the city of Shanghai. The result is a collection of speculative designs (fictional and financial) and accompanying scenarios presented against a backdrop of topics including the global city, political conformity, social mobility, migrant labor, and invisible currencies — all in the form of 24 high rise towers. 

The studio work culminated in a three-month long exhibition in Shanghai in the 2015 biennale Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (Sept. 30 - Dec. 15, 2015) and the publication of Chroma_topia, a 200 page exhibition catalogue featuring the work of the studio. The publication also includes essays by Neil Denari and Jia Gu, photographs by Neil Denari and Tim Franco, along with a tower atlas of over 30 tower case studies. 

Students: Andrew Akins, Ciro Dimson, Max Irish, Xiaorui Lin, Steven Matti, Corliss Ng, Mark Simpson, and Zhuoran Xu.

Chroma_topia is available for purchase on Amazon, click here


Chromatopia installation at RUMBLE 2015.