POOL PARTY Issue No. 3


POOL is an annually printed, student-produced magazine of UCLA Architecture and Urban Design. The publication is driven by an interest in an expanding definition of architectural work that, in a culture of high volume content exchange, considers curation as a primary form of cultural production. POOL is supported by grants from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts as well as UCLA’s Graduate Student Association Publications.

Issue No. 3: Party seeks to dissect the party as a way to bring instrumentality to its clear aspirations – a deconstruction of the extravagant, the intoxicating, the disorienting, and particularly its very real modes of production. Though our contemporary parlance assumes frivolity, the power of the group – self-identified, exuberant, and directed – its clear. Ought we take our pleasure a bit more seriously? Rave or riot, gathering or gala – can we use the party to recuperate an architecture of those effective modes we’d prefer to forget?

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