On The Go Summer Studio exhibition

On the Go, IDEAS Campus Gallery
September 27 – December 15, 2017

Opening reception: Monday, October 2, 2017 | 7pm – 9pm

The development of new transportation and mobility technologies with respect to autonomy or auto mobility, signal a new paradigm shift. The inventions and implementation of autonomous vehicles, drones, car sharing services, personal mobility as well as long distance travel with Hyperloop are enabled by a series of technological inventions such as Light Detection and Ranging Technology, AI software, mobile device applications, GPS, onboard sensors or instant access to the data. These modes of transportation and mobility have the potential to increase safety, influence traffic congestion, economy, politics, culture but more importantly the way we live and experience the city.

The Summer SUPRASTUDIO investigates the role these new mobility and transportation technology systems can have and how they play into configuring new urban and architectural possibilities. From the urban analysis to the development of a multi-level transportation station, each project responds to specific issues unique to their site. Looking at Los Angeles in 2040, the studio takes Wilshire Boulevard as a testing ground for integrating new technologies of transportation into the rich social and cultural fabric of the city. Wilshire Boulevard, once celebrated the automobile culture in Los Angeles, once again attempts to adapt its architecture to the moving, transient and passing experience of the mobilized viewer, augmenting new street organization, public spaces and programs as well as implementing technological inventions.

UCLA A.UD’s 2017-18 M.Arch.II program, SUPRASTUDIO will be led by Craig Hodgetts, Mark Mack, Thom Mayne, and Guvenc Ozel.

Faculty for Summer Studio and SUPRASTUDIO include: Benjamin Ennemoser, Marta Nowak, Gabby Shawcross, and Eui- Sung Yi.