Course: 403C.5 Research Studio


Neil Denari, Professor
Stephen Deters, Lecturer 
What would a new urban quarter (the old Westwood Village becoming the new Westwood City) of Los Angeles look like if it were an amalgamation of new public infrastructure, massing that is not dictated by automobiles and conventional street systems, and a graphic sensibility somewhere between sober information design and Japanese Manga? How would it work and by what criteria would YOU judge it by? 
The ambition for the final phase of the GEO_GRAPHICS studio has been to push aside the demand for the repre¬sentation of commercially viable images of urban design for ones that suspend design in a free-fall of possibilities. In blurring the distinction between design and illustration, between 2D and 3D, and between the usefulness of urban design and its more ridiculed counter¬part, the large scale project that doesn’t bother with money, data, or politics, GEO_GRAPHICS attempts to find a new space of value in this arena of speculation. Serious enough to be con¬sidered visionary, yet self-critical enough to understand that the work might be placed on the scrap heap of urban dis¬course, the projects presented here float in an experimental field, finally moored only by YOUR critical values. 
Students: Jennifer Donnelly, Jonathan Gayomali, Ehsan Hassanpour Lima, Daniel Hesketh, Adam Lind, Jonathan Louie, Brent Lucy, Jonathan Nadel, Ryan Ramirez, Lilit Ustayan, Chenge Wang, Suwei Yang, and Chi Zhang.