Munich, 3M Future LAB


A.UD students in front of the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

How would self-driving cars break down the primacy of the autobahn as a piece of infrastructure?  

3M FutureLAB is a traveling studio from UCLA Architecture and Urban Design.  The studio, based in Munich, is directed by architect Peter Ebner with the help of Drew Pusey from Los Angeles, California.  In its fourth year, FutureLAB is focusing in fall 2012 its efforts on understanding the existing role of the German autobahns in defining urban space while simultaneously working to develop future models for how such large-scale infrastructure could be integrated into the city.  The students, collaborating with a renowned group of architects and other industry professionals from the surrounding region, will consider future trends in such fields as transportation technology, building systems, material science, urban planning and economics.  How would self-driving cars break down the primacy of the autobahn as a piece of infrastructure?  What types of urban spaces are appropriate for an digitally migrant workforce?  These are the types of questions FutureLAB is working hard to address.  Working in pairs, the students will develop four proposals for a redesign of a 1 kilometer site surrounding the A96 Autobahn as it terminates into the Westpark on the Mittliering in Munich.  These proposals will also illustrate, at the architectural scale, new modes of integrating transportation infrastructure into residential space.

Students at the KUNSTHAUS BREGENZ (Arch. Peter Zumthor) where the group is studying the inbetween space of the facade.

Plaza designed from LAAC architects in Innsbruck.