Monday Final Review: Advanced Topics Studio


A Valley Destination
Led by Craig Hodgetts


Sooner or later the Valley is going wake up. It’s going to lose its second city status and discover its inner self. Somewhere out there along the endless boulevards, franchise eateries, and double-digit temperatures, some fragment of urbanity, some hybrid future enclave might be just the ticket to kick it off. A catalyst. Something sassy enough to capture the folks over here and deposit them there.
A site at just the right spot is waiting. It has a direct line over the hill to the Westside. It’s on the closest thing to Sunset Strip, and a river (dry, but hey ) forms one of it’s borders. There’s a height limit, and a classic 50’s roadside affair known as the Sportsman’s Lodge which has been done up by a parade of clueless owners over the years, but now it’s got a new owner with his sights set on making something of it.
He’s a W Hotel kind of guy who’s about to build one at Sunset and Doheny , and is trying to figure out what would make this site tick besides a big box Target.
Jurors: Dana Cuff, JJ O’brian, Jim Nelson, John Kaliski, Jeffrey Inaba among others