Michael Ra Final Winter Review


Page Park Pavilion


-Design a multifunctional pavilion to be sited in Page Park, Los Angeles
-Study and gain a deeper understanding of shaping space with materials and light
-Experiment with spatial and material means of achieving programmatic flexibility
-Develop technical resolution addressing constructability, system design, and detailing
Materials and light represent to the experienced designer the medium to imagine and conceptualize space and form with thicknesses, weight, color, texture, mood and character. Furthermore, it is the control of this medium which enables the designer to successfully fuse the matters of constructability, cost, and other logistics with the visual, experiential, and utility agenda of space-making. Without the advantage of in-depth experience through practice, formbased
manipulation is often then the primary means to conceptualize projects, and the actual medium of built architecture may be neglected or selected as an afterthought. One of the fundamental agendas of this studio is to consider materials along with the effects of light - both natural and artificial - as key means for conceptualizing architectural experiences.
Project Parameters:
A determination of the appropriate size and scale for the pavilion shall be decided through study and experimentation. However, a rough guideline is W100’ x L100’ x H25’. The program is meant to be open-ended for multi-purpose use, but specific use cases such as lounge/bar, café/restaurant, wedding/banquet hall, and lecture/exhibition space should be imagined and represented. Integration of existing and new landscape/greenery is highly encouraged. Throughout, physical model studies and photographic documentation will be critical tools for design development.