Mark Mack_Research Studio


Course: 403C.1 Research Studio OUT LAW HOUSING

Mark Mack, Professor
Informal and unlawful urban developments as blueprints for future affordable housing strategies in a stagnant, recessive and failing capitalist economy
This studio provides the students an immersion into the issue of informal and “unlawful” housing as it is practiced in the so called Developing World. As long as income inequality exists, and as long as the public sector is unable to provide low-income housing there will be demand for so called “unlawful” development. Real estate and related property rights laws favor the estab¬lished socioeconomic and cultural elites, leaving the underprivileged to scramble through remnants to meet their housing needs. Instead of being a basic, human right, housing is increasingly an underly¬ing economic and speculative mecha¬nism serving the financial sector. The recent economic fiasco clearly under¬lines the dangers of a society which invests almost all their wealth in a non-productive holding and development of real estate. Studying examples of informal housing in different parts of the world will hopefully create new attempts to find housing ideas which can infiltrate and alter current practices of housing production, while offering new solutions for our local environment.
Students: Nousha Emami, Amanda Hamilton, Marco Li, Katie Peterson, Philip Raleigh, Michael Smith, and Charles Tsang.