MADWORKSHOP x Succulent Walls


MADWORKSHOP x UCLA Architecture and Urban Design x Succulent Walls Collaboration at the LA Design Festival

Currently, most rainwater is lost to stormwater collection rather than captured for landscape irrigation or other non-potable domestic uses. The Succulent Wall prototypes are easy-to-install water catchment systems that provide dual benefits: the storage of water, a critical and finite resource, and sustainable residential gardening.

Each prototype is designed to capture rainwater from the roofs of single-family homes and channel it into dedicated storage bladders. From there, both prototypes direct the collected water to storage for emergencies and to the irrigation of a garden wall. One prototype adds a third use, directing filtered water to an interior bladder that makes visible one’s water use above a basin for washing. In times of drought, the Succulent Walls’ rainwater reserves may serve non-potable uses, reducing reliance on municipal water supplies. In an emergency such as a seismic event, both projects store 50 gallons of water reserve; enough to last a family 14 days in the event of an emergency. 

The two prototypes are designed to function as off-the-shelf and fully-scalable solutions that anyone can install at home. The Succulent Wall prototypes will be on display at the 9th Annual LA Design Festival from June 20-23, 2019. 

Succulent Walls is a project from graduate students at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, led by Chair and Associate Professor Heather Roberge in collaboration with David and Mary Martin's MADWORKSHOP.

Students: Christopher Doerr, Daniel Greteman, Ian Rodgers, Caroline Sandusky, Jenny Zhou, Nichole Tortorici, Talia Landes, Xiangkun Hu, Xihan Lyu, Xinwen Zhang, Yiran Chen

Photo credit: Buddy Bleckley