March 14, 2014 | IDEAS campus
Lynn SUPRASTUDIO Technology Lecture,Transform Fabrication
Instructor: Julia Koerner
Jurors: Greg Lynn (UCLA), Robert Garlipp (Gensler), Matt Corbitt (Woodbury School of Architecture), Goeff van Oeyen (USC), Kais Al-Rawi (AA, SDA), Kiduck Kim (UCLA), Guvenc Ozel (IDEAS), Erin Besler (UCLA), Peter Vikar(IDEAS), Valerie Leblond (IDEAS)
The Technology Lecture is closely related to the Lynn Suprastudio and builds up on Fall Term Technology Seminar. The Lecture integrates advanced surface modeling in Maya and Rhino, surface detailing in Maya and Grasshopper and digital fabrication techniques and robotic technology for motion control. Finally video editing/ compositing tools in order to explore different mediums of presentation. The Technology Lecture started with a two week research into geometry of surfaces. The research resulted in a detailed knowledge about surfaces and tessellations. Following the research there was a combined tutorial and lecture series into fabrication methods such as composite materials, thermo forming and 3d printing.
Students developed a design method of how to use one or multiple of those techniques and combine it with robotic technology for motion control. Techniques as of transformation and assembly will be investigated. These Transformations were conceptually related to the design and fabrication method and developed with BD Move in Maya.