Lecturers Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues


Ball-Nogues Studio Wins Pavillon Special Competition in Paris.

The competition was sponsored by the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, with general director Odile Decq, and curator Matteo Cainer. Ball-Nogues will lead a workshop with the university students to create a pavilion for summer events.  Other participants included DUS Architects, MOS Architects, OSMD, Polaris Architects, Softlab,  and Sou Fujimoto Architects.

The international jury had this to say of Ball-Nogues Studio competition entry, “The jury believes that this entry has the most potential since it presents various qualities, from it being very interesting architecturally, to economically feasible and at the same time ecologically strong. More and more in construction we see the use of plastic and in this sense it is a very contemporary material and to see it used in this way is very interesting." It felt that it is a very manual project that will be able to involve the students in its production. The jury found that this proposal had the most potential in becoming interesting and that the possibility of the design in conjunction with the students in defining a form was something that would offer the student a real involvement and design challenge. However, there is still the question on the protective membrane within the structure. The jury also appreciated that the project was conceived as a pavilion and as a real protected gathering space which also has a kind of a Jacques Tati feel.