Lecturer Hadrian Predock


Material Matters
Optic Clouds

Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood
Resin dipped fiberglass filament
Various sizes - each approx. 6’ diameter
Designed by A.UD lecturer Hadrian Predock, Optic Clouds was commissioned for the Material Matters exhibition at the Pacific Design Center as part of a curated architectural group show. A requirement of the PDC was to situate each fabricated object within existing spherical planters.
The project we designed is a cohesive group of five ‘filament wound’ cloud-like objects that present bubbling layers of intensely colored fiberglass lines. Working within a specific material domain - filament winding - the project seeks new explorations in smaller scale projects that can ultimately suggest and lead to larger architectural applications.
Combining aspects of Op-art, cloud formation and animated sequences of explosions, the assembly of the objects interrogates the formwork or “ mandrel”. This normally static component is made dynamic by constructing it out of inflatable clusters that can be easily re-used and re-configured to produce a range of shapes and behaviors. Like Russian dolls, Optic Clouds produces a nested, three layer set of clusters, each structural connected to each other and each exhibiting a slightly different morphology (horizontally biased to vertically biased). Color is introduced as an organizing and enlivening agent.