Jimenez Lai + Bureau Spectacular


Jimenez Lai's Bureau Spectacular Wins Dezeen's Emerging Architect of the Year 2018 Award 

Congratulations to AUD faculty member Jimenez Lai, whose firm Bureau Spectacular was selected as the "Emerging Architect of the Year 2018" by Dezeen. 

Bureau Spectacular is an operation of cultural affairs based in Los Angeles and led by Jimenez Lai and Joanna Grant. The firm includes a group of individuals who engage culture through the contemplation of art, architecture, history, politics, sociology, linguistics, mathematics, graphic design, technology and graphic novels. Established in 2008, Bureau Spectacular imagines other worlds and engages the design of architecture through telling stories.

Judges comments: "This studio shows the importance of pushing boundaries in architecture by developing a new approach through conceptual combinatorics of found objects and shapes. It has established an interdisciplinary discourse by working in different fields and engaging in things from academic theory and publications to music festivals."

Read more at: https://www.dezeen.com/awards/winners/bureau-spectacular/